Pool owners mix chems, explosions erupt

In the months since Covid-19 sent children home from school and parents home from work, there has been a surge in swimming pool sales and with it, a surge of inexperienced pool owners.

Because more people are spending time at home, Massachusetts State Fire Marshal Peter J. Ostroskey wants to remind pool owners to make sure they store and handle their chemicals properly.

This year, local Massachusetts fire departments and hazardous materials teams have responded to several emergencies involving pool chemicals.

“Pool chemicals can be dangerous when they become wet or are mixed with other chemicals. Make sure all chemicals are stored in a secure and dry area, and carefully follow all manufacturer’...

Robotic pool cleaners save energy

Relative to other cleaner types, robotic cleaners save money in energy costs. Generally speaking, robotic cleaners are more expensive than hydraulically powered cleaners, but it is possible to see a return on the investment in a couple of years, after factoring in the energy savings.

In 2010, PG& E conducted a study that compared the energy use of the common automatic pool cleaners that are in use today. They published the results of that study in a paper published in 2012 called “Swimming Pool Sweep Technical Performance Assessment Offering Major Energy Savings and Program Opportunity.”

The main conclusion of that study is that robotic pool cleaners use significantly less energy than other au...

Service pros needed now more than ever

181 days have passed since the United States recorded its first case of a confirmed Covid-19 patient at press time. The world has 15.3 million confirmed cases of Covid-19 and 624,000 total deaths. The U.S. has reached 4.04 million confirmed cases, and a total death toll of 145,000 attributed to the disease.

On July 22, the U.S. was finding 64,534 new cases a day and losing 1,082 people per day. The number of new cases has grown steeply, and reached its record high on July 16, when the country found 77,255 new cases.

New York state continues to lead the country in both total cases and deaths: 412,889 and 32,218 respectively. But in California, infections have piled up at an alarming rate, where...