Our Mission

Our mission is to provide exceptional client-focused services that enable home owners to enjoy and not worry about their homes largest potential liability. Here at AcePool we believe in getting our hands dirty so our clients don't have to. As swimming pools are a luxury, we want to ensure you spend your time enjoying your pool! No need to worry about cleaning & chemical balancing. We've got you covered!


Our Services

Pool Cleaning Service

Test pool water for chlorine, Ph, alkalinity and hardness. Treat pool water with proper chemicals. Brush walls and/or vacuum pool, brush water line and tile. Skim water surface to remove floating matter. Clean skimmer and pump baskets. Inspect pool system and advise. After each service visit we email you a report of your pools chemical levels, what we added and include a picture of your pool.



What People Are Saying

I don't normally write reviews, but Ace Pool Services deserves one. I have been using them for the last 8 years as has my Dad and we couldn't be happier. Kyle, the owner, is the most honest genuine person I know and you can completely trust what he says and does pertaining to the care and upkeep of your pool. My pool always looks in amazing condition and any issues are promptly addressed. I will use them for as long as I have a pool and will ALWAYS recommend them highly!

Eddie M.
I don't normally write reviews

Kyle runs a great business that is professional, dependable, and responsive. I have had Acepool providing pool care for my rental property in Las Vegas for many years. They perform regular cleaning as well as maintenance (replacing failed lights, new filters, etc), and drain/acid wash/bead blast. It is refreshing to work with someone as great as Kyle. I can always depend on him for solid advice when things start failing, and the regular upkeep is great!

Andrew W.
Maintaining my rental property

Great, reliable and honest which is more than I can say for any other pool service I've used here in Vegas so far! Owner is super nice, professional and knows his business! Would highly recommend!

Jennifer C.
Happy The Lakes Customer

During the last 19 years of living at this home I've been through over 8 pool maintenance companies. I've been with Acepool for over a year and their service is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING WITH CONSISTENT PERFECTION!

Barry T
Happy Las Vegas Customer

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